CHAM Co-Founder Charles Mautz Joins “Business with China” Thought Leader Forum

Chinus Asset Management Co-Founder Charles Mautz recently participated in a “Business With China” Thought Leader Forum, in conjunction with Arnerich Massena, GeffenMesher, Miller Nash Graham & Dunn and the Portland Business Journal.  

Mr. Mautz made the following insights into Chinese markets: 

  • Trading volumes in China are heavily retail driven, comprised 80% of individual investors.
  • Chinese regulators have pulled back from direct intervention in the stock markets and markets are now finding their natural bottom.
  • Pension reforms in China could result in an influx of $7 trillion in institutional capital into the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges, doubling the existing market capitalization.
  • While industrial growth slows, the new economy of China – including its retail and services sectors – is growing at 12%.
  • Large inflows of institutional capital into the Chinese equity markets should reduce volatility and support higher valuations.

Mr. Mautz founded Chinus Asset Management in 2008, with co-founder Pete Nickerson, to provide investors exposure to emerging Asia, by utilizing an active investment strategy and regional managers across China, India, South Korea and Southeast Asia.

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