Managing Member

As managing member of the firm and member of the Investment Committee, Mr. Nickerson provides strategic asset allocation expertise for the firm’s fund of fund offerings.  He has nearly four decades of business experience in Asia as a co-founder and director of Growth-Link Overseas Company, a private Hong Kong–based investment firm founded in 1988.  The company’s main activity is investment in and operation of a series of businesses in China, India, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Through this experience, Mr. Nickerson provides real-time data on the economic environment in the countries in which the firm invests.

He sits on the boards of Feng Tay Enterprises, a publicly listed company on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (stock number TW9910); is a former director of Cascade Corporation (NYSE CASC); e-BI, a private Oregon company engaged in China-related industrial trade; the Johns Hopkins Nanjing Center for Chinese and American Studies Advisory Council; and a number of not-for-profit concerns in Portland, Oregon.  Mr. Nickerson is a 1979 graduate of the University of Oregon and a fluent Mandarin speaker.